Vype ePod Just Mango Cartridges

Vype ePod vPro Just Mango Cartridges
Vype ePod vPro Just Mango Cartridges
Vype ePod vPro Just Mango Cartridges

A rich mango flavour sensation.

All refill packs contain a total of two vaping cartridges of the same flavour. It is suggested to open each blister pack individually in order to maintain the freshness of each cartridge.

Vype ePod cartridges are only compatible with the ePod device.

All our eLiquids have been developed especially for the Vype ePod and formulated specifically to offer a satisfying vaping experience with every draw. Expertly crafted from high quality pharma grade ingredients, Vype ePod Just Mango no-spill cartridges deliver a satisfying puff activated nicotine hit for bold flavour satisfaction.

Approximately 275 puffs per cartridge**

  • Intense Taste

    Intense Taste

  • No Spill Design

    No Spill Design

  • Rich Vapour

    Rich Vapour

**In laboratory testing: Your experience will depend on your personal vaping behaviour. Rich Vapour: Based on vPro nicotine salts


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